Anemones are grown from seed and that takes 3 years; the sown seed 'is fixed for 2 years'. Afterwards, we dig up the small bulbs that then go into the ground for 1 year before being sold as deliverable bulbs.

Naturalizing: via spreading of the seed.

Light conditions: full sun and half shadow

Applications: under bushes, borders, containers and in combination with perennials

The daisy-like flowers of the modern Anemone blanda ('blanda' means 'beautiful') have a diameter of 4 to 5 cm. The heart of the flower is yellow and is surrounded by lots of petals.

Anemones are particularly popular because of their massive color display during flowering. Moreover, they easily naturalize and making it more every year. With the help of Anemones you create a beautiful carpet among trees and shrubs in early spring. In combination with perennials they grow and bloom at their best! (IBC)

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