Bulbs & bollen is a company of Nijssen Bulbs Heemstede. 

All products offered are grown by Kwekerij De Schüllhorn.

Kwekerij De Schüllhorn is a family business that, with a lot of passion and expertise from now 3 generations 'De Goede', specializes in the sustainable cultivation of special flower bulbs and tubers. The company distinguishes itself from other companies by bringing a unique and high quality range at the market.

Our special flower bulbs are supplied to export, trade and mail order companies (both at home and abroad).

A worldwide network, which has been built since 1983, ensures regular supply of new special flower bulbs. The variation in bulbous plants that the traveling has yielded is great. Selecting in all those crops means looking at many properties: growth, multiplication, flowering time, sensitivity to disease, rate of propagation, but also suitability for the garden or in pots. Of the dozens of novelties that we receive, only a few remain that are good enough. One characteristic must have every introduction, we think: ¨It needs to add something to the existing range.¨

Sustainability plays a big part in our company and we do everything we can to save people and the environment; use as little pesticides, energy and water as possible. But, for example, also use shipping boxes made from 100% recycled material.

The nursery is located in Anna Paulowna (North Holland), located in the largest contiguous flower bulb area in the world and owes its name to the farm in which the company and our house are located. The G in the background of the logo stands for family name 'De Goede' (this can also be found in the logo of Bulbs & bollen) and Miscellaneous Bulbs is the translation of special flower bulbs.

Since we only want to supply special flower bulbs of excellent quality, the flower bulbs are sent in the planting month. This way we are certain that the flower bulbs have been preserved under the best conditions.