All flower bulbs and other products as offered on the website are delivered by PostNl and their foreign partner companies. We send the order during the planting period: September-November without the Pleione. If you have special wishes, please let us know in a separate email in which you refer to your order. We try to take your wishes into account as much as possible.

Flower bulbs are sent in their planting time: from September to November. If you order outside this period, your order will be held until the bulbous and tuberous plants can be planted. If a delayed delivery date applies, this is indicated with the product.

Delivery time in the period September to November.

Orders are processed chronological. Due to the storage of special bulb trays the flower bulbs remain in better condition and therefore the bulbs are never stored prepacked. On the day of shipment, your order is packed by hand (not mechanically). This means the delivery time is longer than with other products.